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Fossil Sorting During the Biblical Flood

Why fossils will always be found out of order,
 and theories adjusted to say organisms;
"Lived Earlier Than Previously Thought"

According to the most straight forward reading of the Bible, a person would assume that virtually all of the animals in the fossil record were victims of the great catastrophic flood of Noah. Many critics of this view seem to envision that the animals killed during the the flood should be buried all mixed together, but this is not what is found. An analysis of the strata has revealed that the fossils are sorted. Organisms are typically found within a limited span of layers, and frequently above or below other specific fossils. This sequence of distinct layers, known as the geological column, has been interpreted to represent the history of life on earth of millions of years, and the time when the organism evolved and then went extinct.

If the Bible is correct, then the geological column has been misinterpreted. The rocks that cover the earth may indeed have captured a recording of history, but instead of a history of life on earth, they simply illustrate the rate at which organisms died during the Biblical deluge. The flood was an extended event lasting an entire year, and the waters did not reach their peak elevation until 5 months following the beginning of the event. This allowed organisms time to avoid the event depending on their own abilities and tolerances.

There are many geological, behavioral, and physiological factors expected to affect an organism's time of death during a flood as described in the Bible. For example, habit elevation, mobility, environmental tolerance, and intelligence were probably the most significant influences upon relative times of death, and therefore, when or if the organism was found in the geological column. The fossils in the geological column demonstrate this expected trend. The first organisms to be buried were the bottom dwelling creatures, followed by free-swimming marine life forms, cold blooded, then warm-blooded, and then humans. It is obvious that organisms possess varying abilities to survive environmental stress (i.e. cold blooded animals such as reptiles are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations, and amphibian will die upon contact with salt water).

Although sorting is expected to occur during the Biblical global deluge, exceptions to their normal position in the flood strata are also a given. According to the global-flood model, out of place fossils should be somewhat common, forcing regular revisions of the proposed evolutionary history. Indeed a close investigation reveals a tremendous number of anomalously occurring fossils, and living fossils, which defy conventional explanation.  Based on the global flood interpretation of the geological column, "earlier than previously thought" will be heard repeatedly from the scientific community because their explanation is totally incorrect, and instead all organisms buried in the sedimentary rock were all alive on earth just a few months before.

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