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Cedar Park Church 
Bothell, WA

Seattle Creation Conference

September 25-26, 2015
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Northwest Creation Network

The Northwest Creation Network is a Christian ministry specialized in educational outreach in creation science apologetics. Our mission is to provide answers to the false teachings of naturalism, which may impede or lead to a loss of faith.

Can you defend your faith? Watch this new video - Always Be Prepared to Give an Answer
by Chris Ashcraft. Cedar Park Church April 27th, 2014

Educational Programs

Apologetics SymposiumApologetics Symposium - monthly educational program at Cedar Park Church that is open to all Bible believers and available through live webcast.

          Join us  August 21st at 7pm
           for a seminar by Dr. Don Johnson
           titled "Programming of Life"
           Read description and upcoming schedule

Seattle Creation ConferenceSeattle Creation Conference - for the past 10 years we have organized this 2-day event. .

         Videos from 2014 are now available.
         Look forward to our 2015 conference in Sept
         featuring Tas Walker and Michael Oard. 

Free Educational Resources

Our main website serves as a repository of materials to assist in the study and teaching of creation apologetics. These resources have been organized by subject, and include a large collection of videos, PowerPoint files, and audios.
We are also the founder of the Creation Wiki: Encyclopedia of Creation Apologetics. The site an international collaboration of knowledge, but unique in that only creationists are permitted to serve as editors. Thus all articles are written from the creation point of view.

Creation Wiki

Creation Science Store

Creation Science Store
Our Creation Science Store offers more than 300 books, DVDs, and curriculum that are useful in the study of Biblical creation science and related apologetics. These materials can be purchase online or at our educational events.
We are a not-for-profit outreach mission. All proceeds from sales are used to fund our creation educational activities. Donation are also welcome.