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Discovering the City of Sodom

Seminar by Steven Collins, PhD
Biblical Archaeology Conference
November 9th, 2013.
Avondale Bible Church

About the Speaker:

Dr. Steven Collins has been researching and lecturing in the field of biblical studies and archeology for more than 30 years. His background as both a Bible scholar and field archaeologist gives him a commanding grasp of the issues involved in demonstrating the historical authenticity of the biblical record. He has served seventeen years as Dean of the College of Archaeology and Biblical History, Trinity Southwest University , where he also serves as Professor of Biblical Studies and Apologetics in the College of Biblical & Theological Studies. Dr. Collins is currently Director of the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project in Jordan (the site of biblical Sodom). One of Dr. Collins' passions is guiding people through the Bible Lands, something he's been doing regularly for nearly 20 years.