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Astronomy and the Bible

by Mike Riddle
Christian Training and Development Services


This is one of the most difficult topics for Christians to understand and accept. All we hear is the big bang and that the universe is billions of years old. This lecture separates speculation from facts.

Topics include:

  • An understanding of the two models of history
  • Evaluating evidence for the age of the universe
  • Stellar formation the Bible and physics
  • Evidence for and against the big bang
  • The redshift of starlight and what it means
  • The Bible and the time of creation.

This video file is a 56 min seminar by Mike Riddle recorded October 2003 in Bellevue, WA.

About the Speaker:

Mike Riddle is the president of Christian Training and Development Services and currently travels around the country teaching and delivering seminars on the Biblical and scientific truths of creation as a full-time apologetics speaker for Answers in Genesis. Mike has a degree in Mathematics, a graduate degree in Education, and has been involved in the creation ministry for 20 years.


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