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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!

by Dennis Swift PhD
Seattle Creation Conference
October 2016
Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA


Ancient people did rock art, pottery, stone carvings and textiles with dinosaurs on them. To do this they had to see living breathing dinosaurs. The Bible was right after all, because the Bible mentions dragons (dinosaurs) thirty four times. What we read in God's Word - we see in God's world.

Dr Swift was on a scientific team from Los Alamos Nuclear Labs documenting over eight million petroglyphs (rock art carvings), some of which are of dinosaurs. The Paracas conehead people of Peru saw dinosaurs and put them on fabrics pottery and stone (500 BC to 300 AD). The ICA, Nazca, Tiahuanaco, Wari, Mocha, and Chimi Indians from South America encountered dinosaurs and recorded their images in artwork. The Anazasi, Jornanda, and Wari Indians 300 BC to 1400 AD in the American Southwest depicted dinosaurs on stone. They even made it so the dinosaurs were soundscapes and talked - roaring out of the rock.

- Where do dinosaurs fit in with the Bible?
- Were their dinosaurs on the Ark?
- How can dinosaur blood still be in sixty five million year dinosaur fossils?Dennis Swift

About the Speaker:

Dennis Swift is the founder and president of Creation Science Ministries of Oregon. He has a PhD from the University of South Africa in Archaeological and Indian Studies. He is the author of the bestselling book Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines. He has been the leader of a creation conference in Portland Oregon for twenty nine years and Pastors The Church of All Nations, Portland Oregon.


Download Windows Media Video file:

Seattle Creation ConferenceThis video was recorded during the 2016 Seattle Creation Conference, which is organized each year by the Northwest Creation Network. The SCC is a free 2-day event that features apologetics presentations by educators and scientists from ministries all around the world.