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Why America is Losing its Christian Heritage

Seminar by Bruce Malone
Search for the Truth Ministries


Why America is Losing its Christian HeritageThis PowerPoint presentation can be viewed while listening to the audio recording of the speaker. The audio will begin automatically. To open the web presentation in a new window click the link above.

With each passing year, America loses more of its moral foundation. Abortion is rampant, we are on the verge of legitimizing homosexual marriage, and every vestige of our nation's Christian heritage is being systematically removed from public view. Many people are aware of the problem, but how do we restore the foundation?

The most important issue cited by voters for George W. Bush during the 2004 presidential election was "values". There are more churches and denominations, Bible translations, evangelistic outreaches, Christian radio stations and books than anytime in history. So why is Christianity losing its influence on our society, and how do we stop the moral freefall?

Starting with the decline of Christianity in England (from 60% church attendance in 1940 to 3% today) this talk reveals what is at the heart of America's moral slide. This explosive presentation uses movie clips from 50 years of media conditioning, unforgettable demonstrations, and fast paced visuals to show how we are being trained to reject Biblical teaching. It also gives an overview from every area of science revealing how we can KNOW that God's Word can be trusted. Listeners are challenged to become doers and equipped with the tools they need to bring the light of truth to a rapidly darkening culture.