Apologetics Symposium

Multimedia Presentations
1st, 2nd & 5th Wednesdays
Cedar Park Church
Bothell, WA

Creation History with Chris Ashcraft

Apologetics Course

Biblical Apologetics

Intelligent Design (ID)
 & the Wonders of Creation

Worldviews in Conflict

Biblical Creationism & Defending Genesis


Wonders of the Cell - ID

Fossils & the Biblical Floood

Origin of Life

Ape Man

The Human Body Wonderfully Made - ID

Geology Worldview
 and the Flood

Age of the Creation


Amazing Animals - ID


Solar System

Big Bang

The Universe - Let the Heavens Declare


NT Archaeology

OT Archaeology - Part 1

OT Archaeology - Part 2 Egyptian Synchrony


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Creation Science Journals and Magazines

Although books are the primary media used for education in creation science, new theories and the results of research are first published in peer reviewed journals and magazines. Quarterly and even monthly distributions are available from several organizations, and publications can be obtained in a range of technicality. The best Creation Science technical journals available are the Journal of Creation - (Formerly TJ) by Creation Ministries International, and the CRSQ - by the Creation Research Society. Creation magazine by Creation Ministries International is a recommended non-technical magazine, and the Acts & Facts by the Institute for Creation Research is a free monthly publication suitable for just about everyone.

Off-Line Creation Related Journals

  • Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Bulletin
    • 2400 Ridge Road
      Berkeley, California 94709 USA
  • Ciencia de los Origenes
    • Published by the Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 92350; USA & Mexico subscription rate $1.50/year; all other countries $2.50/year. A tri-annual publication in Spanish which contains original articles and reprints of articles translated from Origins.
  • Creation/Evolution
    • Published by the National Center for Science Education, PO Box 9477, Berkeley, CA 94709-0477; USA subscription rate$25/year; other countries $32/year; subscription rates include the quarterly newsletter NCSE Reports. Semi-annual journal designed by evolutionists primarily to refute claims of creationists, to offer ammunition to fight the inclusion of the creation model in public-school science classes.
  • Christian Scholars Review
    • Circulation Department
      Calvin College
      Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 USA
  • Science and Religion News
    • Riverside Communications
      One Sanborn Road
      Concord, New Hampshire 03301-1819 USA
  • Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
    • Blackwell Publishers
      238 Main Street
      Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 USA