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It has been widely recognized for centuries that organisms possess abilities that could benefit mankind if they could be mimicked. For example, human flight capability is undoubtedly linked to research into the mechanics possessed by birds and insect. Animals have been so well designed that they possess a wealth of information we are only now able to reproduce with the advancement of modern technologies. A variety of organisms are being actively studied in the hopes that we may one day be able to utilize some of their abilities.

Article: New Design Innovatons from Biomimetics: Lobster Recruited in the War on Terrorism by Chris Ashcraft. Creation 32(3):21-23, August 2010.

  • Bats - possess sophisticated echolocation that involves signal processing and frequency modulation for collision avoidance. They can even discriminate the direction of travel of moving objects, such as prey.
    • Human Application: aircraft collision detection and avoidance
  • Cockroaches have a method of walking with 6 legs over terrain that makes them very stable. Stanford researchers are modeling their robots after cockroaches.
  • Fireflies utilize compounds to emit cold light that is so efficient it emits no heat.

    Human Application: design light emitters that are more energy efficient. The best LEDs are inferior.
    Ref: video by Dr. Jobe Martin Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution vol 2

  • Silk Spiders makes a fiber that is stronger than steel per unit weight, even better than man-made kevlar. The army is now trying to synthesize artificial silk to make bulletproof vests from the chemicals but cannot make the fibers solid like spiders can.

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