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The Evidence Against Evolution

 by Heinz Lycklama, Ph.D.

The Theory of Evolution is widely regarded as a “fact” in the secular scientific community. However, it can be shown that Evolution cannot even be regarded as a theory because it is not testable or falsifiable. Darwin proposed his theory of evolution based on his observations and analysis at a time when he did not have the powerful scientific instruments that we have today. For example biologists can use the electronic microscope to examine the structure of a living cell today. In the 150 years since the publication of Darwin’s book on The Origin of Species, scientists have been able to use modern scientific instruments to learn about how living organisms function. With a deeper understanding of how living organisms function the theory of evolution has come under critical scrutiny. As a result the theory of evolution is in crisis and has all but been shown to be inadequate as an explanation for what we observe today. Scientists now agree that many of the so-called proofs for the theory of evolution that were used over the last hundred years have now been debunked. Many books have been written over the last 25 years by creationists and even agnostic scientists debunking the theory of evolution.

The book Icons of Evolution written by Jonathan Wells of the Discovery Institute does a good job of refuting the arguments and the interpretation of the evidence presented by evolutionists. The Miller-Urey experiment has been thoroughly debunked as an explanation of the origin of life and Darwin’s tree of life has been totally uprooted. Homology and Haeckel’s faked embryos have been discarded as evidence of evolution. Peppered moths and Darwin’s Finches have been shown to be examples of microevolution, but not of macroevolution.

Lee Spetner, an Israeli biophysicist, in his book Not By Chance! deals a death blow to the Neo-Darwinian theory which explains that as the information that codes for living things (on the DNA molecule) is copied during reproduction, that mutations occur and are inherited. Natural selection has been observed but it cannot in and of itself create information. Mutations are the alleged source of all the new information needed for evolution. Spetner shows that the chance of getting the required mutations for cumulative selection is far too small. Since changes are by point mutations and are all, without exception, losses of information, this cannot lead to macro-evolution which requires a net gain of information.

Biological systems function because information is present. Where does this information come from? Evolutionists cannot answer this question or the related question of how is information added in the process of natural selection. When Dawkins was asked to give one example of a mutation or evolutionary process that led to an increase in information, he was unable to provide any such example of a documented increase in information resulting from a mutation.

John Sanford in his book Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome drives another nail in the Neo-Darwinian theory. As Michael Behe says “not only does Darwinism not have answers for how information got into the genome, it doesn’t even have answers for 2 how it could remain there.” Sanford shows that the human genome is deteriorating due to the accumulation of mutations, i.e. living organisms are devolving, not evolving over time.

Over the years many different writers have addressed the common arguments for Evolution used by evolutionists - homology, Haeckel’s embryos, Darwin’s Finches, Peppered Moths, vestigial organs, etc. The presentation on June 28th will show that Evolution is not true for the following scientific reasons:

1. Evolution has never been observed
2. Evolution violates the Second Law of Thermodynamics
3. There are no credible transitional fossils
4. Life can/did not originate from non-life by chance
5. Evolution is only a speculative theory.

Of the three areas of Evolution – biochemical, biological, cosmic – this presentation will focus on the first two. The claims made by biological Evolution include the following:

1. All organisms are related through “common ancestry.”
2. All organisms arose through the process of mutation and natural selection.
3. All organisms arose and persist because of the random chance processes of nature.


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Updated: June 19, 2009