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Seattle Creation Conference


Seattle Creation Conference 2016

These videos were recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference
October 2016 at Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA.

Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs!  - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Dr. Dennis Swift Ancient people did rock art, pottery, stone carvings and textiles with dinosaurs on them. To do this they had to see living breathing dinosaurs. The Bible was right after all, because the Bible mentions dragons (dinosaurs) thirty four times. What we read in God's Word - we see in God's world.

Dr Swift was on a scientific team from Los Alamos Nuclear Labs documenting over eight million petroglyphs (rock art carvings), some of which are of dinosaurs. The Paracas conehead people of Peru saw dinosaurs and put them on fabrics pottery and stone (500 BC to 300 AD). The ICA, Nazca, Tiahuanaco, Wari, Mocha, and Chimi Indians from South America encountered dinosaurs and recorded their images in artwork. The Anazasi, Jornanda, and Wari Indians 300 BC to 1400 AD in the American Southwest depicted dinosaurs on stone. They even made it so the dinosaurs were soundscapes and talked - roaring out of the rock.
Geology and the Clash of Worldviews - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Chris Ashcraft Modern geologists claim there has never been a global flood as described in the Bible. Should Christians accept such assertions from scientists who adhere rigidly to philosophical naturalism? We will see that their bias against catastrophism in recent years has caused erroneous interpretations of obvious geologic features.

This presentation provides an introduction to Biblical-based geology, and a review of the monumental body of evidence that supports a historical flood as described in Genesis 6-9. Several important examples are provided that show how strata can form rapidly, rather than over millions of years, calling into question these long-standing examples of an old Earth. When the fossil record is interpreted correctly, it provides a witness to God's judgement rather than evolution.
God’s Amazing Insects  - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Frank Sherwin The insects belong to the largest group of animals in the world, the arthropods. There is no indication they evolved from non-insects. Mr. Sherwin shows not only that according to the fossil record insects have always been insects, but he gives a number of examples of fascinating insects today.
Human Evolution - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Frank Sherwin Perhaps the one area of evolution that is emphasized more than any other is the alleged case for man having evolved from sub-human ancestors. We have seen this in the media, movies and nature programs. But what does genetics and the fossil record really say? Mr Sherwin gives a non-technical presentation showing that people have always been people as Genesis states.
The ICA Stones: Hoax or History? - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Dr. Dennis Swift Amazing anatomical details of dinosaurs on stones that defy description. How did the South American Indians carve dinosaurs on stones hundreds of years ago? The science textbooks are just now catching up. One of archaeology's most baffling mysteries.

Evolutionists proclaim dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. But people in ancient Peru a thousand years ago saw them up close and alive. Their carvings on stones show correctly features of anatomy that are right on and the current dinosaur books are wrong Evidence will be shown that thousands of carved stones are not a hoax but history. Various tests have been conducted that shows their antiquity Wow you will find out there was not a triceratops but it was a cinco ceratops.? Where do the plates belong on a stegosaurus.? Where are the nasal openings on a sauropods nose? The textbooks are the fairytale and the dinosaurs on stones are history The stones accuracy remains the standard while the scientists scramble to redo textbooks.
The Laws of Nature - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Dr. Don DeYoung Several basic laws of nature include gravity, heat, motion, light. Natural science has no credible explanation of the origin of these laws which all have a theological basis. Special consideration will be given to the most fundamental laws in all of nature the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. We will describe the basic physical laws, their creation connections. and their challenge to naturalism.
Mathematics and Creation  - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Dr. Don DeYoung Math is the underlying language of creation. Intricate patterns, symmetries and design exist throughout nature, all showing the fingerprint of the Creator. Examples include Fibonacci numbers, the fine structure constant, spiral structures and Mobius patterns. Complex mathematical structures which are embedded in nature continue to be discovered. Mathematics can be applied to several creationist topics including life in space, the uniqueness of snowflakes, biomimicry and the testimonies of math pioneers.
Scientific Evidence for Creation: Design in Nature - 60 minute multimedia presentation by Frank Sherwin We regularly hear from critics that "creation is either something you believe or don't believe, but there's no evidence for it." The clear case for creation has as its foundation what Paul teaches in Romans chapter 1: that God's living creation (even though it has been marred by sin) is "clearly seen." Mr. Sherwin begins his presentation by describing the tools needed to discover objects that have been made ('created') vs. objects that form over time, chance and natural processes. Non-technical evidences for creation are then presented from the microscopic world (bacteria) and the macroscopic world (animals such as the bat and wood-pecker). The presentation is summarized from verses from Romans 1.

Seattle Creation Conference

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