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Seattle Creation Conference


Seattle Creation Conference 2015

These videos were recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference,
September 2015 at Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA.

A Deluge Of Evidence: Noah's Flood and The Historical Roots of Secularism  - 50 minutes seminar by Tas Walker Noah’s Flood holds the biblical worldview together, but mainstream geological thinking denies it ever occurred. The growth and influence of these ideas within our culture have stigmatized the Bible as untrue, and opened the door to negative social changes. However, Noah’s Flood was a real event and the geological evidence can be seen everywhere—once we know what to look for. And it covers the globe. Understanding the geological evidence from that perspective transforms the way we look at our world.
Darwinism: Massacred by a Monarch - 65 minute seminar by Thomas Kindell Darwinian theory is destroyed by the powerful evidence of Divine design exhibited in the metamorphic life cycle and precision navigation capabilities of Monarch butterflies.
Evolutionism: The Religion That Offers Nothing - 75 minute seminar by Thomas Kindell Famous scientists claim that everything literally came from nothing. This presentation documents that their view is religiously motivated, based on a false interpretation of scientific data, and is contradicted by established laws of science.
Mega Catastrophe: Evidence for Planetary Disaster of Biblical Proportions - 52 minute seminar by Tas Walker Our earth preserves stunning evidence of catastrophic processes that engulfed our continents in the past. Surprisingly, the evidence is not usually appreciated because it is so large. Also, it’s usually explained away by processes that are less confronting. In this presentation we will examine example after example of amazing geologic features visible around the world, that point to mega catastrophe. You will then be able to recognize catastrophe when you see it, and connect it with the biblical catastrophe of Noah’s Flood.
Once Upon a Time: Understanding The Mythology Behind Radioactive Dating - 55 minute seminar by Tas Walker To most people radioactive dating is a mystery yet they firmly believe it proves the rocks of the earth are billions of years old. Time is the crux of the worldview issue—crucial to the secularist and the Christian. This presentation demystifies radioactive dating, explaining in simple, everyday terms, the principles behind the method, and why it is not all that it is claimed to be. Real life examples are presented showing how scientists use the results in ways that most people do not expect. The presentation concludes by explaining the only reliable and accurate method for measuring time.
What Does the Lake Missoula Flood Teach Us? -  50 minute seminar by Michael Oard This talk describes the abundant evidence for the existence of glacial Lake Missoula at the peak of the Ice Age and its bursting forth creating the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington in a matter of days. It focuses on the question of why practically every mainstream earth scientist rejected the Lake Missoula flood for 40 years, despite an overwhelming amount of evidence. The reason shows their bias against big events and shows why they will never see evidence for the Genesis Flood that stares them in the face. Now that mainstream scientists have accepted the Lake Missoula flood, they have gone on to postulate anywhere from 40 to 100 at the peak of the last ice age, not to speak of their other 30 supposed ice ages in the past 2.5 million years. Obvious evidence is presented that there really was only one large Lake Missoula flood. The features left behind from the Lake Missoula flood are then used to show that similar features all over the Earth were caused by a global Flood.
What is Man? The Incredible Design of the Human Body - 65 minute seminar by Chris Ashcraft The human body is a wonder of God's creation that provides many extraordinary examples of intelligent design. Within each of us reside cells, organs, and systems that are interconnected and interdependent in ways that defy evolutionary explanation. Even today, many functions are not fully understood and yet evolutionists hold fast to their belief that this remarkable machine developed without a creator. This presentation will highlight many amazing features of the human body, which offer testimony that we were "knit together" and "wonderfully made" to the glory of God.
Whatever Happened to the Woolly Mammoths? 50 minute seminar by Michael Oard This talk shows that the woolly mammoth lived during the Ice Age; they did not die early in the Flood by a quick freeze. It focuses on the mammoths in Siberia and answers many mysteries of why they would live in Siberia, what they would eat, and how they died. Many other mammoth mysteries are also answered by the post-Flood rapid Ice Age, such as why the lowlands of Siberia, Alaska, and the Yukon were not glaciated; why there were so many large animals so far north; why some mammoth carcasses are found in a generally standing position, having suffocated; and why some have broken bones.

Seattle Creation Conference

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