CAPS talk Friday, February 21, 7 pm by Patrick NurrePat-Nurre2-911x1024

“How to Interpret the Geology of the Landscape”

At the Geology Learning Center in

The Expedition Christian Church

23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace

Come at 6:30 pm for snacks, book table, geology museum


Description: Ever since Charles Lyell in the early 1800s, geologists have been misinterpreting the geologic formations.  Why?  We will discuss the real reasons and take a look at some of the bigger geologic “goofs”.  Then we will set about to discover other principles that are simply more in line with what we observe and with the historical Genesis account of creation and the global flood.
(See article on geologist Charles Lyell error on the Erosion rate of Niagara Falls


Bio: Patrick Nurre is from the beautiful state of Montana where he spent many of his Saturdays rock-hounding near the Big Horn River. This early interest led him to a lifelong study of the world of geology, and especially volcanoes. His experience has included extensive geology field study in Montana, Washington, Idaho, South Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, California, Wyoming, Kansas, Indiana, and Israel.  Patrick speaks at numerous homeschool and church conventions, conducts geology classes and leads a variety of geology field trips every year. His high point is an annual field trip to Yellowstone Park, where he helps families discover the Biblical geology in the park.  In 2005 Patrick started Northwest Treasures, a business devoted to producing a wide variety of fine geology specimen kits and curricula from a young earth perspective. Patrick has started and pastured churches since 1977.

Their 2014 Field trip to Yellowstone will start at the park on Sat. Aug 16 (5 nights)

Cost: $450/family plus lodging (camping), food and transportation.nwt_field_trips-755x280

Short illustrated talk narrated by Patrick Nurre:



Summary: Charles Lyell fudged the data on the erosion rate on Niagara Falls to erroneously date its formation to 36,000 years ago, instead of 7,000 to 9,000 years ago.

Niagara Falls and the Bible by Larry Pierce, Sep. 1, 2000

Excerpt: “In 1841, [Charles Lyell] visited [Niagara Falls] …to determine the approximate age of the gorge that was excavated by the Niagara River. He noted that the gorge cut through an elevated tableland and extended about 7 miles (5,000 feet) from the Falls down to Queenston.

Niagara Falls

He observed that the walls of the gorge, 200–300 feet high, were basically composed of two layers: limestone on top, and shale beneath. He reasoned that the water and spray had scoured away the soft shale, leaving the overhanging ledge of hard limestone, which helped protect the shale from the full force of the falling water. Lyell was told that large chunks of limestone would regularly break off and fall into the gorge. He could see how cracks in the limestone would fill with water. As the water froze in winter it expanded, weakening the limestone, and causing spectacular sights when large chunks broke loose, crashing into the gorge Lyell ignored the reports from Mr. Blackwell that residents had observed the Falls recede by more than one metre (three feet) a year. At that rate the gorge would be less than 12,000 years old, Strangely, [Lyell] arrived at a reduced rate of 1 foot a year. This ‘conjecture’, as he called it, much better suited his purpose. Since the gorge was 35,000 feet long, he concluded that it must be 35,000 years old!…Lyell’s conclusion was wrong. Later …reports from 1842 to 1927 confirmed the high rate of erosion — 4 to 5 feet a year.  This rate places an upper limit of 7,000 to 9,000 years for the gorge.”


Future events: On Fri. Mar. 14, 7:00 pm, Bruce Barton will talk on Dragons & Dinosaurs


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