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The Rise of Darwinism

 and Its Implications for Society

by Bruce Barton
Seattle Creation Conference, July 2006.

Why was Darwin’s Origin of Species accepted so enthusiastically by theologians, scientists, and philosophers?  How has science come to be dominated by materialism and naturalism?  Charles Darwin has been lionized as the father of evolutionism, but deist and atheist philosophers had been setting the stage for rejecting God as Creator for many years before his book appeared.  The ideas of Darwin and his predecessors continue to affect our thinking today, with huge consequences for our society.  This presentation will trace some of the ideas leading to Darwin’s evolutionary thought and beyond, and how they’ve affected our culture.

About the Speaker:

Bruce Barton has been a resident of the Seattle area since graduating from San Jose State University with a BA in Meteorology. After a year of graduate studies in atmospheric science at the University of Washington, he spent another four years at Pacific School of Theology, earning a Bachelor of Theology degree. He has also completed studies in engineering and electronics, and is a pilot and flight instructor.

Mr. Barton was an instrumentation engineer in Research and Development for Weyerhaeuser Company until retirement. He has a broad background as a teacher and speaker to groups of all ages, in a wide range of subjects including science and technology, aviation, and Bible topics, particularly apologetics.

Bruce combines his background in science and engineering with his Bible knowledge to show how science and a literal interpretation of the Bible are compatible, and why the Bible is still relevant today. He has taught a number of classes and spoken to many groups on the subject of creation vs. evolution, covering subjects from the Big Bang to Darwinism to dinosaurs.


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Seattle Creation Conference 2006 boxed setThis seminar was recorded during the Seattle Creation Conference, Aug 10-12, 2006 at Overlake Christian Church, Redmond WA.

It may be viewed free online or downloaded to your computer as either a video or audio. A DVD can be purchased at our webstore as an individual titles or the entire conference may be obtained as a compilation of 7 disks.

The Seattle Creation Conference is a regular event organized by the Northwest Creation Network. For information about the upcoming conference visit the Seattle Creation Conference website, or contact the NWCN to have us organize the next creation conference at your Church..