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Public School Controversy

Teach creation"Fifty studies were reviewed that surveyed opinions on teaching origins in public schools. The vast majority found about 90% of the public desired that both creation and evolution or creation only be taught in the public schools. About 90% of Americans consider themselves creationists of some form, and about half believe that God created humans in their present form within the past 10,000 years. In America, about 15% of high school teachers teach both evolution and creation, and close to 20% of high school science teachers and about 10,000 scientists (including more than 4,000 life scientists) reject both macroevolution and theistic evolution. Although the vast majority of Americans desire both creation and evolution taught in school, the evolutionary naturalism worldview dominates, revealing a major disparity between the population and the ruling élite." Jerry Bergman, Ph.D. Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal Vol. 13, No. 2

Textbooks in Public Schools: Education or Indoctrination? aricle by Mike Riddle

Creation and the Schools: Evolutionary humanism and ominous trends in modern education.Free 57 minute audio seminar by Henry Morris (6.7MB WAV file)

How to Teach the Controversy Legally video by the Discovery Institute (17.5MB Windows Media file) Want to teach the scientific controversy over evolution but aren't sure what is allowable? This short video clearly and concisely summarizes the legal framework for teaching about evolution. A great resource for teachers, school board members, and parents, this video features interviews with scientists and legal scholars and explains how to teach the controversy over evolution in a legally responsible manner.

Creation vs. Evolution Trials

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An evolutionist  teacher acknowledges exploiting students’ trust when he preaches evolution’s doctrines in the classroom.       “…I use that trust to effectively brainwash them…our teaching methods are primarily those of propaganda.  We appeal---without demonstration---to evidence that supports our position.  We only introduce arguments and evidence that supports the currently accepted theories and omit or gloss over any evidence to the contrary.” Mark Singham,  “Teaching and Propaganda,” Physics Today, (vol. 53, June 2000), p. 54; as quoted by Dr. Henry B. Morris, Impact, supra.