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Genetic Variability by Design

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by Chris Ashcraft


The PowerPoint file above was used during a presentation to the Design Science Association in Portland, OR July 2003. The 64 minute audio file is a recording of that seminar, which is based on a research paper of the same title. Follow along with the slideshow while listening. (7.4MB WAV file)

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Genetic Variability by Design - Read the full technical review article published in TJ 18(2) 2004

New alleles are accumulating rapidly in living populations and cellular mechanisms have not been adequately sought to explain the intentional production of these changes. Homologous DNA recombination occurs in all organisms and is at the heart of genetics. Since its discovery during meiosis, these reactions were assumed to occur randomly along the length of chromosomes, and only involved with gene crossovers. It is now well known that meiotic recombination is not the random process it was originally assumed to be, and controlled by highly organized regulatory systems. In addition, a form of homologous recombination has been discovered which is responsible for creating diversity in variable genes, and was recently linked to single base-pair substitutions in immunoglobulins. New allele formation may indeed be the key to explaining the rapid production of distinct breeds, but their presence in the genome has been assumed the result of random mutations. Therefore, the ability of the cell to purposefully edit genes requires evaluation.



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