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Genesis and Geology  

How was the earth formed? Was there an Ice Age? Why do we have a Grand Canyon? Although the secular mind-set challenges Christians in their belief in the historical accuracy of the Bible, particularly concerning earth history, a look at geological features shows that reality agrees with the Biblical record.

This audio file is a 58 minute seminar by Donald Chittick that was recorded in the early 1980s by the Creation Association of Puget Sound (6.8MB WAV file). The file is downloading now, and will begin shortly.

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Donald Chittick holds a Ph. D. in Physical chemistry from Oregon State University, and has taught at the University of Puget Sound and George Fox College. A contributor to several books and periodicals, he has lectured on the creation / evolution topic throughout the past two decades. As an inventor, he holds several patents and is active in the area of alternative fuels.

Seattle Creation Conference 2004
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