Apologetics Symposium

Multimedia Presentations
1st, 2nd & 5th Wednesdays
Cedar Park Church
Bothell, WA

Creation History with Chris Ashcraft

Apologetics Course

Biblical Apologetics

Intelligent Design (ID)
 & the Wonders of Creation

Worldviews in Conflict

Biblical Creationism & Defending Genesis


Wonders of the Cell - ID

Fossils & the Biblical Floood

Origin of Life

Ape Man

The Human Body Wonderfully Made - ID

Geology Worldview
 and the Flood

Age of the Creation


Amazing Animals - ID


Solar System

Big Bang

The Universe - Let the Heavens Declare


NT Archaeology

OT Archaeology - Part 1

OT Archaeology - Part 2 Egyptian Synchrony


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NW Creation Network

A Christian ministry providing Biblically-based education in creation apologetics. Join us for our bi-monthly program by webcast or in person at Cedar Park Church.

Upcoming Event

COMING UP! June 30th 2021 6:30 – 8pm
Multimedia Presentation by by Dan Kreft
Title: Creation & the Flood: Where Art the Begats
Cedar Park Church, Bothell WA
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Free Educational Resources

Creation History with Chris AshcraftCreation History | Our Story - A  free online course that is designed to provide an overview of the conflicts that exist between the teachings of natural science and the Bible. Subjects covered include evolution vs. biological design, uniformitarianism vs. flood geology, big bang cosmology vs. creation astronomy and others.
The Apologetics Symposium is our educational program that occurs from 6:30-8 pm Pacific on the 1st, 2nd, and 5th Wednesdays at Cedar Park Church in Bothell WA.Childcare and Live Webcast are available. See upcoming schedule.

File Archives - Our website serves as a repository of educational materials to assist in the study and teaching of creation apologetics. Videos, PowerPoint files, audios, and articles are available for download and have been organized by subject.
Creation Wiki: Encyclopedia of Creation Apologetics - This unique site is an international collaboration wherein only creationists are permitted to serve as editors.

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