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Mount St. Helens

Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe


Mount St. Helens

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Geologist Steve Austin, Ph.D. shares the exciting results of his explorations on Mount St. Helens and its adjacent Spirit Lake. You will view spectacular and unique photography of the volcano and its after-effects. Along with thousands of other scientists and educated professionals, Dr. Austin is convinced that the Biblical Flood is reliable and is vital to a true understanding of history, its purpose, and destiny.

  • Relive the 1980 eruption. -See the canyons and rock layers that were formed rapidly.

  • Apply what is seen to understand the origins of other geologic features (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, coal deposits, etc.).

  • Contemplate the significance of the volcano to our views of Earth, Noah's Flood, man and God.

High School-Adult

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Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe


Mt. St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for CatastropheMt. St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe.
58 minute docu-lecture by Steven Austin.

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