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Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study PowerPoint slide show

Answers to FAQs About Noah's Ark by John Woodmorappe

Study Question Based Upon - "Noah's Ark: A Feasibility Study"


Noah's Ark:
A Feasibility Study

John Woodmorappe. 1996. Institute for Creation Research, 298 pages.

This remarkable book is the most compete analysis ever published regarding the gathering of animals to the Ark, provisions for their care and feeding, and the subsequent dispersion. The author has devoted seven years to this scholarly, systematic answer to virtually all the anti-Ark arguments, alleged difficulties with the biblical account, and other relevant questions. Nothing else like this has ever written before - an unanswerable vindication of Genesis.

Some topics:

  • The numbers and kinds of animals.

  • Manpower studies regarding 8 people caring for 16,000 animals.

  • Special animal diets: problems overcome.

  • Hibernation.

  • What animals had to eat in the immediate post Flood world.

  • Survival and germination of seeds.

  • Mutual survival of freshwater and saltwater fish.

  • Inbreeding hazards overcome.

  • 2 founders have sufficient genetic diversity.

  • The rapid, recent origin of the HLA complex.

  • The mitochrondrial DNA "clock" compressed.



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