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Although Mike is regularly traveling around the country teaching and delivering seminars, he also produces some of the best curriculum available for teaching creation science. There are many sources of books and videos, but quality educational curriculum is still very difficult to find. Mike has developed and is working on a number of lesson plans, and study guides available for various age groups. Check back here for updates of available material.

Educational ProgramsMike Riddle's Photo
A variety of seminars, workshops, or creation classes may be scheduled in your area by contacting Mike Riddle.
bulletEquipping Course leader-led program designed to train students in the area of creation apologetics. It prepares students to defend God's creation through the use of scientific evidences and facts.
bulletTeacher Workshop The goal of this 3-day workshop is to equip individuals with the tools necessary to present effective seminars and classes on creation/evolution.
bulletSmall Group Leader's Guide (Includes MS Word Download)
bulletCourse Leader Training - For course leader of Mike's Train to Equip program. (Includes MS Word Download)
Powerpoint Presentations Mike has generously donated several of his PowerPoint presentations for viewing online or downloading. These slideshows are great for an internet study, or to use during a formal speaking engagement. 

Evidence for a Young Earth


Astronomy and the Bible


Carbon-14 Dating


Creation / Evolution: Does it Matter What we Believe?


Dating Fossils and Rocks


Dinosaurs and Biblical Truth


Dinosaurs to Kids


Noah's Ark and the Genesis Flood


The Fossil Record


The Origin of Humans: Evolution or Made in God's Image


The Origin of Life: Evidence for Creation

Creation /  Evolution; Does it Matter What We Believe? This 170 page manual is probably Mike's most popular lesson plan. Designed to be taught as a ten session course to 9th grade through adult levels, and available here as a download.

Educational series by Mike Riddle
Six DVDs available individually, or as a set and save 15%. This Creation/Evolution DVD set of 6 seminars by Mike riddle include topics that answer all your questions and more.


bullet Creation/Evolution: Does It Matter What We Believe?
bullet The Origin of Life
bullet The Origin of Humans
bullet Astronomy and the Bible
bullet The Fossil Record
bullet Dating Fossils and Rocks

Bonus Material Includes:
bullet Complete lesson plans for DVDs are available online.
bulletInterviews with scientists and scholars.
bulletScenic video of God's Creation.

Origin of Life Equipping Course
A complete creation science education program for 9th grade through adult. This course is usable for home school, Bible study, Sunday school, or Christian schools. Promotional Video

Available in 3 Formats

bulletVideo Course Format Designed to be taught in 9 sessions, and includes teacher's manual, student's manual, compact disk, 2 Videos. Retails for $120, and additional student manuals sell for $17 each or bulk rates apply.
bulletLeader-led Format A qualified instructor leads the course as a 14-hour program designed for the larger audiences of 30 to 100 students. Cost for this program include standard honorarium for speaker and travel expenses.
bulletSelf Study Format The equipping course may be self taught. The student manual $17, and a companion computer disk $5, may be purchased alone.

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