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Creation vs. Evolution Email Discussion Group

The OriginsTalk listserv was established as a service of the Northwest Creation Network in June 2001. The objective is to provide a civil forum for discussion of news and issues relevant to the origin and evolution of life. Membership and archives are open to the public, however, posts are moderated to prevent the derogatory personal comments which so often frequent this topic. You are required to behave in a polite and respectful manner to the members of this list. Posting privileges will be suspended for 30 days following violation of the list rules. Users will be permanently banned upon their 3rd removal or for excessively abusive behavior.

As of December 2006 - there are 212 members of OriginsTalk, ~13,300 posts in the OriginsTalk archive, and the average email per day is approximately 8.


Rules for OriginsTalk:

  • Derogatory comments or insults of list members or persons abroad are forbidden.
  • Posts must remain on-topic (Creation Science, Evolution &; Intelligent Design).
  • Posts must contain content - Do not submit "Amens, I Agree, I'm Sorry, or Thank You" - type posts.
  • Posts Limit of 2 per day
  • Attachments are not permitted.
  • Profanity or expletives are forbidden.
  • Public responses or comments regarding moderation are forbidden.

To subscribe to OriginsNews use the entry box below to submit your email address,
 or to avoid obtaining a Yahoo username simply send a blank email to:

OriginsTalk Discussion Forum
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OriginsTalk resides at YahooGroups. This browser interface provides the list with addition features that may be used by all members. To access the optional OriginsTalk website, the member must log-in using a Yahoo username, and may elect to read posts online instead of receiving daily email.

Other NWCN Discussion Forums and News

CreationTalk is an email discussion group dedicated to Biblical creationists.

OriginsTalk is a public list for the debating creation, evolution, and intelligent design.

NWCreationNews is a news-only email list used by the NWCN leadership to distribute announcements related to the creation vs. evolution in the Northwest USA.

OriginsNews replaced the NWCN bulletin board, and will be used to archive headlines.

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