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We will do any presentation or combination of presentations that you want. They will all stand alone or all work together. We have seminars for all age groups, from young children, middle school age, high school, and adults. We try to take complex science and make it understandable to all ages.

We have seminar notebooks for sale that go with each presentation that explains in more detail everything presented with a bibliography. Every scientific statement is presented with at least one paper or article from a peer-reviewed journal.

We have some books to sell from a number of different authors presenting science from Biblical and secular perspectives.

We have a few fossil replicas for sale.

Seminar Titles and Descriptions

1. Mathematical Probabilities: Creation Or Evolution. This presentation explores the mathematical numbers and impossibilities of the first cell ever happening by chance. (View Free Online Video)

2. The Age Of The Earth. This presentation uses science to show evidence of a very young universe despite what we are taught in school.

3. What Happened To The Dinosaurs? Do dinosaurs fit with the Bible? Did man and dinosaurs co-exist? Are all dinosaurs really extinct? What does the evidence tell us?

4. Noah’s Ark. Shows evidence that the Ark is real and cultures that know of Noah.

5. Ancient Man. What are the so-called apemen? Was ancient man really a cave dweller? Where is the evidence of “man evolving?” And how far back does man go?

6. Ancient Technology: Was ancient man advanced or was he dumb?

We show several ancient civilizations that are clearly very advanced, and did things that we still can not do today. Astronomy as an advanced science, advanced surgery, buildings that stand today, and metallurgy beyond our abilities.

7. Were Biblical Giants real?

What has science found that is not publicly known, and why does it seem this evidence is hidden from the general public.

8. The Great Missoula Flood.

9. The Great Bonneville Flood.

10. Mt. St. Helens.

Post-Noahic Flood Catastrophic Events: The above three seminars about Mt. St. Helens, The Great Missoula Flood, and the Bonneville Flood are all used to show that landscapes can change very rapidly and things like the Grand Canyon could have happened in a very short time.

11. Problems Caused In Modern Times By Evolutionary Thinking.

12. Lies In The School Textbooks: What Can We Do About It.

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