Recent surveys of high school and college students indicate that they are struggling to find credible answers to the most basic and yet the most significant questions of life - Who am I? Why do I exist? What will happen to me when I die? Clear and satisfying answers to these crucial questions are found in the Holy Scriptures, but many of our youth have been programmed by the schools and the media to believe that "science" (evolution) has disproved the Bible’s teaching about origins. Thus, the Bible’s doctrine amounts to no more than ancient mythology.

Youth are looking for reasonable answers, but they’re not about to look for them in the Bible since "modern science" has labeled it as a book of "fairy tales." The tragic consequence is that our youth look instead to new age deceptions and other false religions in a vane attempt to fill their spiritual void. Others simply despair. If "science" is right in telling us that we’re just accidents, mere animals with no ordained purpose in life and no hope beyond the grave, then what’s the use in living? It is no wonder that suicide is such a major cause of death among our young people.

The good news, however, is that we can remove the "scientific" roadblock to belief in the scriptures by proving beyond any reasonable doubt that evolution is "science falsely so called" (I Tim. 6:20). True science is a friend of the Bible and overwhelmingly confirms the Biblical teaching on the origin, purpose and destiny of man. This is precisely what Dr. Kindell’s seminar is designed to do!



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