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Chris Ashcraft is a Christian educator, creation scientist, and speaker employed as high school science teacher at Cedar Park Christian Schools where he provides instruction in Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Life Science.

Formerly, Chris was a research technician, specialized in plant tissue culture, and genetic transformation technology. He served as a research technician at the Cotton Fiber Production Laboratory at Texas Tech University, he then provided technical support at the Plant Transformation Facility at Oklahoma State University, and lastly was employed as the Plant Transformation Specialist for EDEN Bioscience in Bothell Washington .

He obtained a Bachelor of Science in biology from Wayland Baptist University in 1989, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Tech University in 1996, a Master of Education from the University of Washington in 2008, and a Master in Teaching Math and Science from Seattle Pacific University in 2012.

Chris moved from research science into the teaching profession to serve God in Christian education. His decision was motivated by the impact that secular science is having on people of faith. Today, close to 50% of Christian students lose their belief in God while attending secular schools. This tendency could be lessened if the Church was better equipped to defend the authority of Biblical teachings (1 Peter 3:15). To be prepared for these challenges, it is important that Churches provide regular educational programs on creation and other Bible apologetics.

He is the organizer of the monthly Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Christian Church, Bothell, WA, and the annual Seattle Creation Conference. Chris also speaks regularly at churches, Christian schools, teacher conventions, and creation organizations. He is the founder of the Northwest Creation Network ministry and the CreationWiki internet encyclopedia where he serves as senior administrator.





  • Teacher of the Year 2013, Cedar Park Christian Schools

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